What is THE Skipping Movement?

THE skipping movement is an idea. A simple one really, about spreading joy through out the world and being healthy while doing it.
THE Skipping Movement is now known by thousands worldwide, but we wont stop until that number is much higher!
There are skippers all over the world who skip with us, and the message is the same no matter where you find THE Skipping Movement,
Be happy. Be healthy. Skip. Spread Joy!

What are the GOALS for THE Skipping Movement?

1. To connect with people. Wether on the web or on the sidewalk, we like to make personal connections and smiles.
2. To teach the world about the magical effects skipping has on adults, it’s a great workout, and it’s FREE!!!
3. To make a difference to people of all ages, shapes, colors, abilities, sexual orientations, beliefs or anything else. We invite everyone to join THE Skipping Movement!!

How do i join #THEskippingmovement?

Anyone can join. Litterally ANYONE!
Start posting your skipping videoes on the internet and tag them with the infamous hashtag 😉
Dont forget to follow us on:
Snapchat: Louiepro

Send us your skipping pictures and videos and you’ll see it on our pages!

Are you ready to take #THEskippingmovement
challenge ? ? ?

…It’s simple really.
While you are happy because you’re skipping, those around you can’t help but look and smile themselves. And that helps to make them happy too!
If you havent gone out and skipped today, then you are missing out!!! Go give it a try, then let us know how it went :)